Church of the gnostic vine

Ayahuasca is the vine of the soul which allows communication with your inner spirit world

Ayahuasca is the vine of the soul which allows communication with your inner spirit world

Shamanic Understanding:

"What is fascinating to consider is how these early shamans figured out that a potent brew could best be made from these two ingredients being mixed together."

ayahuasca chemistry

The main active ingredient in ayahuasca is N,N-Dimethyltryptamine also called DMT. DMT is a foul-smelling endogenous psychedelic, for which there is a lot of evidence as to its production in the human body, quite possibly the pineal gland. It is also found in the urine and bloodstream of healthy normal people. What special purpose it performs still awaits discovery. What we do know of its working is that it causes an increase in the release of a major serotonin metabolite – which is the source of the phenomenal “high.”

It is the ß-carboline functioning as a MAOI -- harmaline in the case of ayahuasca -- that
keeps the liver from breaking down the DMT and lets it directly enter the bloodstream
direct on a path to the brain. The ß-carbolines function not to get us high by themselves – although they are hallucinogenic – but as merely enzyme inhibitor, to prevent our bodies from breaking down the DMT – so that the whole DMT molecule directly enters the bloodstream.

Thus we have learned that ayahuasca is a psychoactive beverage made from a ß-carboline plant (B. caapi) brewed with a tryptamine-filled plant (chacruna etc.). But if we follow the formula we discover that any similar ‘huasca – often called anahuasca – can be made from consuming a mixture of ß-carboline and tryptamine laden plants.

Ideally one wants just enough of the ß-carboline material to make the DMT and other
tryptamines orally active. Too much of the ß-carboline increases the chance of body load and nausea. If one was using Peganum harmala than the juice from three grams of seeds would suffice. Enough DMT rich plant material that would release at least 25-50mg of DMT (per dose) would suffice for the anahuasca brew.

To make ayahuasca

To make just about any ‘huasca brew – boil the hell out of all of the crushed plant
material (both the ß-carboline and DMT plants together) adding a small amount lemon
juice which will increase the acidity to facilitate the alkaloids extraction. The drink would then be filtered cooled, and drunk. Ayahuasca in traditional settings can be cooked for a total of 10-15 hours, although 6 hours of boiling should be quite sufficient. Modern pressure cookers work exceedingly well.

The Experience

Normally DMT is a short acting drug when done alone, but when orally activated the
experience stretches out to possibly six hours. Once the ‘huasca comes on there are
intense visual distortions and patterns whether your eyes are open or closed, with lots of movement in the visual field. There can be a touch of nausea, but usually not so that it interferes with the well-being of the experience. ‘Huasca is also noted for an after glow that can continue into several days of mild bliss. ‘Huasca is magic indeed!

Where the road goes

The Church of the Gnostic Vine hopes to educate you to be an honest person, a genuiine person, not a fake. The gnostic meditation is the main vehicle to accomplish that and the Vine encourages the gnostic experience so we can do things without deception. After imbibing just let the breathe flow. The basic concept of joining heaven and earth is that you are there fully, personally, genuinely.

The many, many varieties of mystical gnostic experience reflect a variety of psychological processes - our selves experience unions and visions, and are not to be interpreted at face value as though they were extra-sensory perceptions of objectively existing spiritual quiddities. We are The One. Revelation happens.