Church of the gnostic vine

Ayahuasca is the vine of the soul which allows communication with your inner spirit world

Ayahuasca is the vine of the soul which allows communication with your inner spirit world

Shamanic Understanding:

"What is fascinating to consider is how these early shamans figured out that a potent brew could best be made from these two ingredients being mixed together."


Tyramine is a chemical present in many common foods and beverages that causes no difficulty to body functioning under normal circumstances. The main pharmacological action of tyramine is to raise blood pressure. Normally, enzymes present in many body tissues neutralize this action of tyramine in the quantities in which it is consumed in the average diet. The principle enzyme responsible for neutralizing the bloodpressure-elevating action of tyramine (and chemicals related to it) is monoamine oxidase (MAO) type A. Monoamme oxidase type A serves an important regulatory function that helps to balance several of the chenucal processes in the body that control certain nervous system activities. Stabilization of the blood pressure is one of these activities. If the action of monoamine oxidase type A is blocked, chemical substances like tyramine function unopposed, and relatively small amounts can cause alarming and dangerous elevations of blood pressure. For this reason please avoid tyramine rich foods for at least several days before and after the meditation.

In addition, several drugs in use today are capable of blocking the action of monamine oxidase type A. These drugs are commonly referred to as monamine oxidase type A inhibitors (MAOI). If an individual is taking one of these drugs and his diet includes foods or beverages that contain a significant amount of tyramine, he may experience a sudden increase in blood pressure. Before this interaction of food and drug was understood, several deaths due to brain hemorrhage occurred in persons taking MAO type A inhibitors, as a result of an extreme elevation of blood pressure following a meal of tyramine rich foods.

For this reason, most antidepressants, and all narcotics, barbiturates, antihistamines or analgesics, ephedrine (in some herbal stimulants and cold remedies), and alcohol must be free from your system prior to this meditation. Consider carefully any other prescription or other drug use when participating in an ayahuasca meditation.

This regime and diet discussed below establishes a condition of openness and will enable you to have more beneficial and enjoyable experience.

ayahuasca meditation warnings:

Avoid Tyramine rich foods

Avoid MAOIs and pharmaceuticals

Avoid raising your blood pressure!

Follow the Ayahuasca Meditation Diet for at least three days before and after the event. For the very best results follow the diet for two weeks before a week after the ayahuasca meditation.

Ayahuasca Meditation Diet

Recent discoveries have shown that certain foods arc contra-indicated for specific types of purification meditation practices. These foods increase the probability of purging, nausea, headache, increased heart rate or pressure. Avoiding these foods for 72 hours before and after the meditation is absolutely necessary. For the very best results stay on this diet for two weeks before and a week after the ayahuasca meditation.

General rule: Foods that are aged or fermented to enhance are to be eliminated. Any protein-containing food that has undergone partial decomposition may present a hazard because of increased tyramine content. The following foods and beverages have been reported to contain varying amounts of tyramine and thus should be avoided altogether.

Aged cheeses of all kinds (bleu cheese, roquefort, parmesan, romano, cheddar, any smoked cheese, brie, etc.) Avocado, Bananas, particularly
over ripe bananas, Bean curd, Bologna, `Bovril" extracts Broad bean pods, Chicken liver, Chocolate Cream, Yogurt, sour cream, Dried fruits,
Figs, Fish, canned, dried, pickled, salted or smoked foods, "Marmite" or yeast's extract, Meat extracts and tenderizers, Pepperoni, Salami, etc., Raisins, Raspberries Sauerkraut, Shrimp paste, Snails, Soy sauce and Walnuts

And the following beverages should be avoided:

Beer, Ale, Chianti, Wine, Coffee, Sherry and Vermouth

Please take this seriously and maintain a diet of steamed fish, rice, whole grains, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, sesame seeds, tahini, almonds, breads, popcorn, soups, carrot juice, salads with light dressings (use canola instead of olive oil), onions, garlic and herbs leading up to and after the meditation.


Avoid the use of MAOIs (asthma inhalers, etc.) for 72 hours before and after taking the sacrament.

Refrain from alcohol, intoxicants and sexual activity 24 hours before and after taking the sacrament.

Work with a guide or present friend.

Consume a light breakfast, light lunch but no dinner on the day you imbibe the sacrament.

Carefully follow the Ayahuasca Meditation Diet!

Where the road goes

The Church of the Gnostic Vine hopes to educate you to be an honest person, a genuiine person, not a fake. The gnostic meditation is the main vehicle to accomplish that and the Vine encourages the gnostic experience so we can do things without deception. After imbibing just let the breathe flow. The basic concept of joining heaven and earth is that you are there fully, personally, genuinely.

The many, many varieties of mystical gnostic experience reflect a variety of psychological processes - our selves experience unions and visions, and are not to be interpreted at face value as though they were extra-sensory perceptions of objectively existing spiritual quiddities. We are The One. Revelation happens.